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Kat Dancel - HEEL Photography

  • Century Rajesh

    on June 13, 2016

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  • Kristie Jones

    on March 25, 2015

    Kat is an amazing person and photographer! She is so talented in many areas and it shows. I loved how she captured my children's unique personalities and the energy she brought to the photo shoot. The experience was so fun and pleasant, that 3 years later, my children look at the pictures and still have the wonderful memories of that day. My previous photography experiences were so rushed, uncomfortable, and consisted of plastering on a "fake" smile for the camera that even photoshop and filters couldn't hide! Pretty pictures do NOT make pretty memories, and I am so glad to have found someone who can turn around those horrible experiences for me. I am looking forward (and can't wait) with joy to working with Kat on making awesome memories in print for the future!

  • Grace CW Park

    on March 21, 2015

    Kat was my classmate and always taking photos of special events or candids of our class as we did various activities. I was always impressed with her artistic eye and ability to capture special moments, expressions, and overall captures her subjects in the best light! I was thrilled when we were able to carve out time with her to take portraits of my then-6-month-old and us, as a family.

    We are VERY difficult to photograph. My husband and I tend to just look awkward whenever we have photos taken of us (and have previous professional photos to prove it). So that makes me rave all the more about Kat and her photography! She captured my son's personality perfectly and the little things about him that I treasure from that age! She was engaging and put everyone at ease so all we remember is having some fun family time at the park, and we have AMAZING portraits that I cherish so much! I think her work speaks for itself but it always helps to have some extra affirmation.